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DI-STORT was founded 2015 when two award winning designers, Josefin Runquist and Moa Antonsson, brought togheter their design ideas. DI-STORT stands for distortion, combining iconic garments and material - using distortion as method to create a garment with new expressions. We will constantly evolve by combining elements of high-end and everyday lifestyle into our very own aesthetic.

Our vision is to be able to offer the modern man a streetwear look, that he can use at the party, fine dinner or in his professional work-life. This without having to compromise with his own style identity.

DI-STORT´s collections are built upon new takes on iconic streetwear silhouettes with a high fashion approach. Always aiming to find the perfect balance between high fashion and casual style, the collections have evolved into sophisticated and strong expressions, while keeping their graphic and clean profile. The design plays with a combination of clean, sophisticated lines and street wear silhouettes.